My Makeup Faves!

As a typical teenager, of course, I am one who loves makeup! I was never really interested in it a lot until last year really, and now I've grown to love it and I can never go out without it! In this post I am going to share a few of my favourites from my very small makeup collection.

Morphe 35O

Literally everyone raves about this palette and I am lucky enough to have won this from Beauty Spectrum's giveaway in February! Since receiving this palette, I have been in love. The shades are so pretty and incredibly pigmented. They also blend amazingly, and I would definitely recommend this to absolutely anyone!

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

Again, everyone raves about his concealer and I can see why! I love this concealer for the price that it is, it is really good under my eyes and it makes me look so much more awake. I don't own a high end concealer, but I am hoping to buy one in the future, but for now, this one is perfect for me! I've recommended this to so many of my friends and they've loved it.

Sleek Solstice Palette

One of my holy grail products!!! I literally love this palette, it has four wearable shades, that I get a lot of wear out of. The shades are: Ecliptic, Hemisphere, Subsolar and Equinox. I feel like I'm contradicting myself because I have to say that I don't wear the purple shade a lot, but I do like to mix it with the orange shade, and this means I wear it more often. I also don't wear the cream shade, Ecliptic, because I'm not a fan of cream highlight that much. However, I use the bottom two shades religiously, because they are so pretty and so wearable. I recommend this to anyone! I think it's so affordable and I just love it!

Maybelline Lash Sensational

Again, this is a product that I know a lot of people rave about, including Gabriella (velvetghost) and Lizzie Barnett. I really like this mascara because it makes makes me look like I have eyelashes! As stupid as it is, without mascara my eyes look so bare! This gives me length and volume, which is what I look for in a mascara, and it's also very black (but that's maybe because I got it in extra black!) so I love it, a lot.

MAC Lipstick- Whirl

This is a very recent purchase of mine and I love it!! I love the shade, it's a perfect nude shade that applies so easily and lasts for hours. I think the packaging is gorgeous, it's so simple and looks so professional. I am definitely be buying more soon, let me know in the comments some of your favourite shades! I think it is so worth the price and would recommend to anyone looking for a long lasting lipstick.

So there's a few of my favourite makeup products. I don't own a lot of high end products, but I'm hoping to invest in some more really soon. Recommend some for me in the comments, as well as some of your favourite makeup products. Love,

mee xo


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