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A Little Weekend Away!

Last week I made the annual trip to the Lake District, as my dad was running a marathon around Lake Windermere! (He's crazy!) However I took this as a photo opportunity, and I ended up with no phone storage left because I took so many!! I take all my pictures on my iPhone 5s, and people usually get so surprised by this as they think it's on a professional camera!

We travelled up on the Friday night straight after school, and it was a long but funny journey with me and my sister blasting out summer tunes in the back of the car! At about 7pm we arrived at our lodge, situated on the site of Brathay Hall, which is where the marathon was taking place.

After reuniting with everyone on site, I headed down to the lake to take some pictures, and I'm pretty sure they all look the same if I'm honest.

On Saturday, we tracked the crazy runners who ran 10 marathons in 10 days, before going to a little village called Grasmere. They had a gorgeous flower garden as well as a garden cen…

Favourite YouTubers and Instagrammers

Now don't get me wrong, I love blogging, but I love YouTube as well. One of the main reasons I started a blog was because I was inspired by YouTubers and I also didn't have the guts to get on camera. And also, I want a killer Instagram feed, which isn't really working out as I hoped but oh well! Today I'm sharing who my favourites are on these two social media platforms. (is that what you call them?? idk)


Beauty Spectrum- always at the top of my subscription box!! I think Molly's videos are of such good quality, she always creates good and enjoyable content and her vlogs are just amazing, although I can't usually see her weekly vlogs dead on 11 because I'm dancing, but it's always something to look forward to! I've also been incredibly lucky to actually meet her, in Meadowhall on the 20th December 2016.

 Molly's channel:

Gabriella (velvetghost)- I love Gabbie's videos, both main cha…

Morphe Palette Review and Swatches!

Morphe is a brand that has become very popular within the past year, because their eyeshadow palettes are incredible!! I got my palette (the 35O) about 3 months ago now and I wanted to use it before reviewing it. I have to say I've really enjoyed using it as the shades are just incredible!!

1st row:

2nd row:

3rd row:

4th row:

5th row:

The Eyeshadows

The formula of the eyeshadows are amazing!! They are so pigmented and easy to apply onto my eye and in my crease, and they are so good to blend!! There are 35 eyeshadows in the palette (if you haven't guessed by the name), ranging from creams, to golds, to oranges to browns, which create so many varied looks. I especially love the shimmery shades as they are incredibly pigmented and so creamy. I find the best way to apply them is packing it onto your eye with a flat brush, instead of your fingers as it doesn't look as shimmery.

The Packaging

I really like the packaging of this because it is so simple, a plain black palette with &…

Stuff I Like

After watching Fabulous Hannah religiously, I noticed one video that kind of stood out to me and that was the "Stuff I Like" videos, because they are similar to favourites, but can be done any time of the month/year, which I really like the idea of. So I'm just going to talk about some bits that I like.

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation- a recent purchase of mine, but I have been loving using this! It says to be matte and pore less, and I can say it is definitely matte, although I don't know about the pore less because I can't tell whether products are pore less or not! It's the perfect shade for me (I have the shade 105 for anyone who cares), and it's a medium coverage which is perfect, I would definitely recommend this, it's so worth the price and it's so affordable!!

Highlighter- just in general, my favourite product to apply is ALWAYS highlighter. It's just like the gods created a product that is just too pretty! I have the MUA Undress Your Ski…