Makeup Revolution Flawless Resurrection Review & Swatches

After reviewing my Morphe 35O palette a couple of months ago, I wanted to review this palette because I think it is the perfect palette for summer!! I have had this palette since April, so I've had the chance to use it a fair bit! I have quite enjoyed using this palette, because the shades are very pretty!!

1st Row
Shades top to bottom: Resurrection, Rebirth, Contact, Revival, Renewal, Return, Restore and Past.

2nd row
Shades top to bottom: New Birth, Revitalise, Recovery, Regeneration, New Dawn, Reactivate and Comeback.

3rd row
Shades top to bottom: Reappear, Resurgence, Triumph, Back, Reincarnation, Time, Recharge and Reanimation.

4th row
Shades top to bottom: The, Makeup, Story, Based, On, believing, in and The Renaissance.

The Eyeshadows

I think the pigmentation of these eyeshadows is good, they are not the most pigmented compared to brands such as Morphe, but this is a drugstore alternative, so I am not expecting the best, most pigmented eyeshadows in the world. There are 32 eyeshadows for £8, which is 25p per shade. This palette has a variety of shades: creams, golds, pinks, reds, oranges and browns, which create a really nice summery palette. My favourite shades are the glitters/shimmers and also the pinks/reds because they create a very out there look which I like to do sometimes. They blend really well too, which is always a good thing!

The Packaging

I love the packaging of this product. It has a rose gold reflective front with the brands name on the front, which is gorgeous. It has a large mirror which is so handy when traveling, because you can see everything you are doing in it. It also comes with a plastic sheet, which has the names of the shades on it, so whenever someone does a tutorial, they could say the name and people will know.

The Price

Unlike the Morphe palette, I did buy this palette myself, and it was £8 which I think is so affordable, and there are so many from this brand you can choose from, there are endless possibilities for an eyeshadow look. I would recommend this palette, or any other of the Flawless palettes from Makeup Revolution, because they are so worth the price!  

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you own any Makeup Revolution palettes and if you do, which ones?? I'm always up for a chat in the comments, so just leave a comment for a little chat!! love

mee xo


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