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My Goals for September!

New School Year, New Goals. I want to start off the year well and set these goals to try and make September as productive as I can. I have never done a goals post before and I don't normally set New Years Resolutions, so this is something new for me!
1. Carry On Reading. I have managed to read all of All The Bright Places in August and I am proud of myself for doing that, and I feel like I need to be as academic as I can this year, and I feel like reading will help me. I also really enjoyed it last month so I want to carry it on!
2. Do More Revision for Subjects I Struggle in. I'd probably say that my worst three subjects are English, Science and History, and I really want to do well in GCSEs so I want to put in the extra work, especially in Science more than anything because I would like an A/8 in it, as it's the route I may take after school, along with Maths and PE.
3. Become a Better Blogger Nobody is perfect and my blog is far from perfect! Throughout this month I r…

Blogger Confessional w/ Beth!!

I'm back off my holiday now, and I'm back with a new blogger confessional, but this is with a difference. One of my friends from school Beth contacted me and wanted to take part despite the fact she's not a blogger. She was super keen to get involved, so I thought she could be a part of this series! After having a general chit chat, I got into my usual questions with a few changes!

1. what's your worst habit???

 I'd say i have a few but my worst habit is probably trusting too easily and maybe laughing even in serious situations x

2. who was the last person you unfollowed on social media???

wait, I'm honestly not too sure. I honestly have no idea? x

3. what do you love most about writing???

Ooh,now this is my kind of question! I'd say its creating chapters with drama or suspense,i have to usually decide them days or even weeks in advance because i want the readers to really enjoy my story and feel emotions x

4. have you ever lied about something serious???

Malta: Two Weeks in Paradise...

Whilst I've been gone these past 2 weeks I have been on holiday and I decided not to post for 2 weeks as I wanted a little break, but now I'm back, and I'm sooooo excited to start blogging again!! I have so many posts planned for September and I'm so excited to write them already!!
I honestly could write about 10 different posts on my holiday, but I've decided to compact it down a lot!! (I'm sorry if this ends up being a long post!)
Day 1,2 & 3- Lots of Travelling, Arriving in Malta and Exploring Mellieha
After a 3 hour train journey to Manchester, a 2am get up, a 3 hour flight, and an hour on a bus, we arrived at our gorgeous villa in the north of the country! I have to say that the flight wasn't bad because we were able to watch the sunrise from the plane which was absolutely beautiful! The first full day was spent by the pool and also in the small village called Mellieha, where we were living. I think Mellieha is such a cute village, it has a massiv…

HUGE Summer Haul!!

Summer means one thing for my family: a hugeeeee shopping trip, and last Saturday we went to Leeds for the day, and I spent a lot of money!! As well as this, I've been spending in my local shopping centre, and picking up some items from stores like Primark and Superdrug, so I'm including these as well!!


I was in need of some swimwear for my upcoming holiday and to be 100%, I found it a real struggle as I am a size 6, and most swimsuits/bikinis were not in my size, whether it was New Look, Primark, H&M, there was hardly any, but I managed to find one in Primark!! I bought the Tropical Print Bikini which totaled to £11. I really like this as it has a mesh paneling at the top of the top and bottoms, which really works with the colours on the bikini. I also bought the Mid Leg Rise Swimsuit from Hollister, which was in the sale and reduced from £29 to £12. It has the American flag on which I adore, and I really like the low back on this.

As well as the bikini, I also …