Blogger Confessional w/ anonymousblogger999!!

I'm back again with another collab in this series, and my next guest is anonymousblogger999. I have collaborated with her before and I enjoyed it, so I am happy to collab again!!

Again, I contacted her on Twitter with a usual conversation, before I delved into my questions!

1. what's your worst habit???

Well this is a hard one but my main worst habit would be biting my nails! I know it's a common one! I don't do it all the time but I mainly do it when I'm really stressed out. Surprising I didn't bite them in my year 9 mock exams. X

2. who was the last person you unfollowed on social media???

I don't unfollow people because if I have followed somebody I have done it for a reason. Sometimes I follow people who follow me or I follow accounts that interest me. If I was to unfollow someone, it would probably be about their opinion. It wouldn't be about who they disliked in love island. It would be if they were making racist or homophobic comments because I hate people who go out their way to make people feel uncomfortable in society and who they are. X

3. what do you hate most about blogging???

This is hard because I love blogging as it my own little place where I can get away from reality and meet so many new people but the on thing I hate is the amount of times I get writing block where I can't think of anything to blog about!! X

4. have you ever lied on a post???

No and I would never. With blogging you need that layer of trust because if you don't your readers won't trust you as your lying to them. The readers are one of the most important part to blogging as they have followed my journey and supported me! X

5. do you snore???

I personally can't answer this question as I would be asleep but my mum says I do snore but I have gone on a few overnight school trips and no one has said that I have.

6. do you sleep with your socks on or off??

NO NO NO!! How is that possible? In winter I wear slipper socks but I take them off as soon as I get in bed. I have done it once and never again. How do you keep the socks on is my question? They always end up off my feet when I wake up it likes my very own treasure hunt to find my socks X

7. what's your guilty pleasure??

A guilty pleasure of mine is to rewatch  Riverdale as many times as possible just to see Bughead and Varchie!!!

After I finished the questions, I ended up discussing Riverdale season 2 as we both got very excited after the end of season 1!!

Twitter: @a_blogger2017


I hope you enjoyed my 2nd collab from this series!! The next installment will be after I come off my holiday, which will be the 29th!! Hope you're all having a fab week so far!! love

mee xo


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