A Bit About Me: Introduction

I wanted to do another little series on my blog, because I like posting more on Tuesdays because I have a lot more free time as I've stopped one of my dance classes. I'll go into detail about that in a few weeks time though!

So I was thinking... what haven't I done in a while on my blog?? Then it hit me: you don't know me all that well, so I'm doing a kinda get to know me series where I am covering 4 topics: school, dance, fashion/my style, and my blogging experience so far. I think these 4 topics will let you know a lot more about me as a blogger, because I don't want to class you all as readers, I want to class you as friends.

I hope you liked this little introduction to my new series! Each post will be up every Tuesday at 5pm! Leave your links in the comments, because I want to start reading a lot more blogs!! love

p.s. happy mean girls day!!

mee xo


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