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Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018...

Just an arty shot of me looking out onto the River Humber,,,
It's crazy to think that in 14 hours, 2017 will be over and we're going into 2018. This year has flown by in my opinion and that's scary for me because 2018 is going to be a big year for me: I turn 16, I am taking my GCSEs, and I'm moving on from secondary school to college which is something I am nervous for but also very excited for! 
Throughout the year I've been on lots of adventures, lets call them, to places throughout the country and also abroad. In January I went to Manchester for the weekend which was so nice as Manchester is one of my favourite cities! In May, my family had our annual weekend trip away to the Lake District, where my dad would complete a marathon around Lake Windermere. I always love this trip despite the bad weather that sometimes hits us whilst we're there, because I feel a lot more adventurous because I'm in more of a natural setting than a lot of my other holidays. I…

Day 12- NYX Advent Calendar Review!

So as a surprise at the end of the month, my mum told both me and my sister that we were not having our usual chocolate advent calendar this year, and instead we'd be having a NYX one, and if you know me, I love trying out new makeup so I was so excited to try this! 
So far as I'm writing this (it's the 20th), I have received 6 eyeshadows and 4 soft matte lip creams, as I have been sharing this with my younger sister so we both receive the same amount, and we've been taking it in turns to open the calendar. So far I have the eyeshadows in the shades: Milan, Transylvania, Prague, Copenhagen, Monte Carlo and Rome. So far I have the soft matte lip creams in the shades: Rome, Cannes, Copenhagen and Manila. 
The Eyeshadows
 So far I haven't tested out all the eyeshadows, however I have used Milan and Transylvania over the past week. Milan is a gorgeous matte brown which I think is such a wearable shade which works so well in the crease, it blends incredibly well, and I…

Day 11- December Favourites

First off, I am apologizing for these photos because they had to be taken in artificial lighting due to not having a lot of time!

As I am not writing a favourites post at the end of the month, I have decided to include it in this year's Blogmas posts, and they are one of my favourites to write so I am very excited to include this as the penultimate post!
The first thing I have been loving this month is my iPhone 6s. I received this in the middle of the month because I got my phone upgraded, and I have been loving it. I am enjoying the size of it, the colour, and also the camera, it's just incredible! Expect to see some of these photos on my blog in the near future, and also a 'What's on my iPhone?' post!
Another item that I have practically been living in is my Red Hoodie which was an early Christmas present and this was from Matalan. It was £12 which I think is such a good price because the quality is insane! It is so soft and the colour is gorgeous! It keeps me…

Day 10- MOTD: My Christmas Makeup

I love a good makeup look and I've just bought the Soph X Revolution Eyeshadow Palette as an early Christmas present with money from my Great Auntie and Uncle, so thank you to them! I am going to talk you through my Christmas makeup as this is what I plan to do on the 25th. 
I started with the eyeshadow in case I had any fall-out, so I primed my entire face using the PS Primer Water. I added some of my Maybelline Fit Me Concealer as a base and set this in place with Penguin, which is the white shade in the palette. From the Soph X Revolution Eyeshadow Palette, I took the shade called Pancakes through my crease as a transition shade, before combining Cuppa Tea and Tiramisu through my crease, and blending this out before adding the shades Pumpkin in the outer 3rd of my crease. I then took the shade Danger, which is my favourite in the palette, into the very outer part of my crease and I blended all of this. I then took my concealer again and did a cut crease, before setting it agai…

Day 9- Throwback Thursday: Winter Edition

After writing my Halloween Throwback post, I really wanted to do another post, however this one is a Winter/Christmas Edition because it is that time of year. Instead of just using 1 year, I have found photos from the past 5 years I think to complete this post!
2012   Late night shopping + the best snow ever made for some embarrassing but great pictures!

I was good friends with Santa, the Snowman and Emily back in 2013!

12 year old Amelia getting excited as she realised her birthday is exactly 10 weeks after Christmas!
I'm not sure what present I was happy about!
Classic Christmas selfies with my not so little cousin!
And who knows what's next... I hope you liked this little look back on my Christmas memories! What's your favourite Christmas memory?? love 
mee xo

Day 8- December Photography

I hope you liked this little sneak peek into my camera roll for December! I know it is mainly sky pictures, I am obsessed! If you want to see more photos like these, follow my Instagram @ameliaaa.____ ! Hope you've all had a fab day, I broke up from school today! love 
mee xo

Day 7: Christmas Q&A

I'm back today with a Christmas Q&A because I for one love a chatty post, so that's what I've decided to do!
1. What is your favourite Christmas memory??? My favourite Christmas memory is probably opening my Christmas presents when I was 8/9 and I got a DS, and whilst playing on it I was wearing a bridesmaid dress with my sister! I find this funny because I never wear dresses anymore! I'll try and find a picture!-
2. Are there any Christmas traditions you have?? My family always have a tradition of putting up the Christmas tree on the 2nd weekend in December, and another one is that all of my family that live in the local area all go to the pantomime together. I love both of these everts!
3. What is on your Christmas wishlist this year??
I've already done a post on this for my first day of Blogmas, so I'll keep this brief. For Christmas I would like a laptop, some Old Skool Vans and a bullet journal.
4. Do you like wearing Christmas jumpers???
I actually d…

Day 6- Vlogmas/ Blogmas: Who's Killing It This Year

Unfortunately I have not been able to take part in Blogmas this year due to year 11 mocks, which I'm sure I have mentioned way too many times! But I have managed to keep up to date on Blogmas posts and also Vlogmas videos, and today I am sharing with you my favourites so far this year. Also I am pre-writing this so these photos are ones that are from a week or so ago!

Beauty Spectrum- Molly's vlogs are some of my all time faves, so of course her vlogmas is also one of my faves! She has made her vlogs so interesting this year and she has done the most thoughtful ides of giving something away to her viewers every single day leading up to Christmas Day. I would seriously recommend watching them! Her channel:
Gabriella Lindley- I have been loving Gabbie's vlogs this year, and even though she is not posting every day, she spends so much time editing and making thumbnails for her videos that it is completely worth …

Day 5- A Day in My Life: Winter Edition

Recently I've had a change in both my morning and evening routine, so for today's post I am going to share with you a day in my life, but I am basing this off a weekend, and this was a day I had a couple of weeks ago!

At the weekends I usually wake up about 8:30, and the first thing I do is scroll through my phone on social media for a good half an hour before getting up and heading to the bathroom where I do my skincare routine: cleanse, tone, moisturize. I head downstairs for my breakfast where I usually just have toast, not some fancy smoothie bowl or an avocado. The reason I do not have a breakfast like this is because it is just too much hassle usually and I am not really a fruit lover!

After breakfast, I head back upstairs and get ready for dance. I usually just wear a sports bra, leggings and a t-shirt. I do minimalist makeup and stick my hair up and out of my face. I head out to dance at about 10:15 to get there for 10:30 which is when my class starts. I get home from…

Day 4- My Winter Makeup

I am loving winter makeup at the moment, so for my fourth post in my "12 Days of Blogmas" series is going to be my current makeup that I have been wearing at the weekends when I have been going out into town or out to the beach!

I started out with priming my face and I have been loving the Primark Primer Water since I recently purchased and it is something that has completely surprised me, and it has made its way into my everyday makeup. I colour correct my very red cheeks using the Freedom Pro Camouflage & Correct Colour Corrector in Green, which does a really good job of covering up the redness! Recently I have been loving a lighter base, so I have been using the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in the shade "105", which matches my skin perfectly now it is a bit paler!

 I took my trusty Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in "01"under my eyes and on my nose and I blended this in with my beauty blender. I then took a product I have been loving recent…