Day 12- NYX Advent Calendar Review!

 So as a surprise at the end of the month, my mum told both me and my sister that we were not having our usual chocolate advent calendar this year, and instead we'd be having a NYX one, and if you know me, I love trying out new makeup so I was so excited to try this! 

So far as I'm writing this (it's the 20th), I have received 6 eyeshadows and 4 soft matte lip creams, as I have been sharing this with my younger sister so we both receive the same amount, and we've been taking it in turns to open the calendar. So far I have the eyeshadows in the shades: Milan, Transylvania, Prague, Copenhagen, Monte Carlo and Rome. So far I have the soft matte lip creams in the shades: Rome, Cannes, Copenhagen and Manila. 

The Eyeshadows 

 So far I haven't tested out all the eyeshadows, however I have used Milan and Transylvania over the past week. Milan is a gorgeous matte brown which I think is such a wearable shade which works so well in the crease, it blends incredibly well, and I hope the rest are all like this! The shade Transylvania is a champagne shimmer, which is so pretty across the lid. It is quite pigmented and I haven't had a lot of fall-out from these shades, so I do think they are really good quality! 

The Soft Matte Lip Creams

 I already own a soft matte lip cream from NYX so I know how they apply onto the lips, and I absolutely love the formula, and I'd probably say it's one of my favourites. The two in the pictures above are my favourite two that I have so far, which are Rome and Cannes. I like Rome because it is a darker colour, which I have been wearing a lot this month because it goes well with the winter looks. And I like Cannes because it's a nude and it is my favourite colour to put on my lips.

Overall, I think that these products are incredible! I would definitely check out their range of makeup if you haven't already! I hope you all have an amazing Christmas, and my next post will be up in a week's time! love 

mee xo


  1. This looks like such a lovely advent calendar, and it looks like you get an amazing range of shades!
    I definitely love the look of Cannes, might have to treat myself to that shade soon as I love this liquid lipstick formula too!
    Grace xx

    1. there are so many different shades, I’m sure the entire colour spectrum has been covered between both my sister and I! Cannes is such a gorgeous shade X


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