Day 9- Throwback Thursday: Winter Edition

 After writing my Halloween Throwback post, I really wanted to do another post, however this one is a Winter/Christmas Edition because it is that time of year. Instead of just using 1 year, I have found photos from the past 5 years I think to complete this post!

 Late night shopping + the best snow ever made for some embarrassing but great pictures!


I was good friends with Santa, the Snowman and Emily back in 2013!


12 year old Amelia getting excited as she realised her birthday is exactly 10 weeks after Christmas!


I'm not sure what present I was happy about!


Classic Christmas selfies with my not so little cousin!

And who knows what's next... I hope you liked this little look back on my Christmas memories! What's your favourite Christmas memory?? love 

mee xo


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