Bullet Journal Set Up: February 2018

Since getting my bullet journal at Christmas, I've been so excited to write posts about it as it is a new experience for me, and one I have been loving so far. I was going to wait until I was more used to setting up my bullet journal before writing about my spreads but I thought I'd want to track my progress with bullet journaling, so I've decided to upload my setup for February. If you want more bullet journal posts, please let me know as I will be more than happy to write them!

The first couple of pages were just to separate my January and February spreads, so I just wrote out a title page with the word "February" obviously in calligraphy, and I drew a heart around it and created sort of a wreath by adding hearts around the centre, which I coloured in 3 different shades of red. I also decided to write out a quote to set up the month, and I chose "happy girls are the prettiest" as I wanted to fill this month with a lot of love and happiness with it being Valentines Day this month. I didn't add any decoration to this as I liked the simplistic look of this.

Next I moved onto my two calendars for the month, and I have stuck with the ones I had in January which were the personal and school calendars because I thought they were really useful and helped me to separate my home and school life. I haven't filled them in yet because when I set up my bullet journal it was something like the 22nd so I didn't really need to.

The next page was a new addition to this month and is a habit tracker. I didn't really think I anted to track my habits and therefore did not include this in my January spreads, however I think this will keep me even more organised. Currently I have 8 habits that I want to track but at the end of the month I have a section that I will fill in called "new habits to track" so if I have any new ideas when setting up for March, I can refer back to this page.

For my next tracker I have set up is my study tracker. I like this because I can see how hard I'm working, especially as my next sets of mocks are approaching. One thing I am going to include in this is any revision I attend after school as I didn't do this in January. It still counts towards studying so will be good to see how much effort I am putting in.

My favourite tracker this month has got to be my mood tracker because I just love the way it is set out, because I drew out 28 hearts for every day, and the more of the heart there is filled in, the better my mood is. Mood trackers are my favourite to track and I'm not sure why! The next page is my memories page which is the most simple spread ever!

The final thing I set up was my weekly spread and this was different to my last weekly spreads in January. Basically I did seven 15 square x 6 square rectangle and then at the bottom of the second page added a notes section if I need to jot down anything quickly. I added the date and day to each box and added some colour again with the red theme which runs throughout!

I hoped you enjoyed this bullet journal set up for Febraury! Let me know if you want to see more of these posts, because I enjoyed writing it! love

mee xo


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