Life Update: Mocks, Rehearsals, Turning 16 and Prom!

I haven't written a chatty post in so long, and to be honest I wanted to ramble on a bit as I have a lot going on right now, so I felt like a chat was the best way to express all that's going on. (The way I put this sounds like it's a bad thing, but there's only really one bad thing going on!)

Get the worst part out of the way first, and that's to say that my second lot of mock exams are fast approaching. They start tomorrow (19th) when this post goes live and end just before my 16th birthday, which is just over two weeks and I couldn't be more excited! I have been revising for these mocks and attending sessions in school over the past week, to prepare myself, and I am hoping to come out with similar grades to last time which I was very pleased with! 

As well as mocks and GCSEs approaching, I also have my annual dance show at the end of March, which I am actually quite looking forward to as it will be a break from school, which is well needed, a fairly relaxing show as I'm only in 1 class this year, whereas last year I was in 2, and also one of my closest school friends, Emma, is also in this show as she started dancing about 6/7 months ago at the same dance school as me! Let me know if you would want to see a post on the 2018 Dance Show, as I am happy to write about it!

And among all of that, I actually turn 16 in a couple of weeks and I'm really excited as it means big things are coming up for me, and I can start to be more independent which I love! I also get to buy lottery tickets which to be honest with you is something I have looked forward to for like a year, and I really don't know why as its not that exciting! I will be writing a "What I Got For My Birthday" post, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

The final thing I wanted to discuss was Prom, which has been such a talked about topic within school over the past month or so, and the day I am writing this, I have ordered my dress! I am really happy, and surprised I found one so quickly, but I want to thank the lady who helped me! I now just have to sort out: hair, nails, makeup, bag and shoes, which isn't THAT much!

I hope you like my little rambles, love

mee xo


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