The Boyfriend Tag!

the caption says it all really!

As Valentine's Day has just passed, I thought I'd stick with that sort of theme, and I've wanted to write this post for a little while now, and I'm actually really excited to write this post with my boyfriend Tom (I still find it weird to say this haha!) We're sticking to the typical post as I couldn't think of what to write so, this is the boyfriend tag, which is also my 100th post on my blog!

1. When/how did you meet?
We both agreed that it was year 8 when we first met and it was through secondary school, as most teenage relationships do!

2. Do you find it awkward being together in public??
I thought I'd find it awkward at first but I am beginning to feel a lot more relaxed about being out in public together now. I think this is because we've been really good friends since year 9, so are used to spending time together.

3. If you could both travel to the same place together, where would you go??
We spoke about this and decided that we would love to travel to a lot of European capitals together on like a tour, because it's not too far from home, and you can explore a wide range of different places, and see/visit a variety of tourist attractions.

4. What's your funniest moment together?
We're probably going to say that our funniest moment is the look we give each other when our friend Harry's voice breaks, because it's just too funny! Harry we love ya really X

5. What is your dream date location??
Pizza Hut: it's just great.

6. Have I taken any of Tom's hoodies yet?
Yes but no. Basically he has let me have 2 of his hoodies, an Ellesse one and an Adidas one. They're really comfy I'm not going to lie!

7. Who's the more mature and organised one in your relationship??
Without a doubt it has to be me!

8. Favourite thing about each other??
Amelia- I have to say my favourite thing about Tom has to be the passion he has for football, even if it's not my favourite sport, I like how he's so dedicated to it! He's also really caring and sweet and never fails to cheer me up! Also his style is just great, enough said!
Tom- I've taken over and my favourite thing about Amelia is her smile because whenever I see her I feel so much better!

9. What's the thing that annoys you most about each other?
Amelia- I'm not going to lie, he can be immature at times, because there are just some moments in life he can't take seriously!
Tom- This might sound weird but her small feet. (I'm size 11, she's size 4!)

10. Who wears the trousers??? (my fave question!)
After taking a while to answer this, we actually don't know because not one of us takes control of the relationship. I mean I like to think I do sometimes!

So I hope you liked this very different post, I really enjoyed writing it. I didn't force Tom to do this, I asked and he wanted to so we wrote this post! Hope you all had a fab valentines, love

mee xo


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