Where I've Been...

It feels weird to be back here as the past two posts were pre-written so I haven't really been on the blog which is bad, but life has really gotten busy recently, so I do apologize for this, and I hope to be back soon. 

Since my birthday, lots has gone on, and the day I'm writing this and the day it goes up, I am currently suffering from pharyngitis. which means I have been extremely tired and not really able to do much, or eat a lot too. This has resulted in so far, 3 days off school, which I am actually not pleased about as I have a major deadline this week that I feel won't be reached. Apart from that, school has been going okay, but it is the main reason I haven't been able to blog because it has taken priority now as my GCSEs are only 2 months away, which has come around too quick. 

Another reason I have not been too active is because of dance. On Saturday, I pushed through the pain from my pharyngitis, and performed 2 dance shows that my dance school hold annually, and I really didn't want to miss them because I had worked so hard for it, and some of the girls in my group were leaving. Both shows were a success after I had dosed myself up on Nurofen, and the night was an emotional one but like every year, I loved it. 

And as the Easter holidays approach, I am going to be busy with school and relatives visiting but I really hope I can get back to blogging as I really miss it. :( I also just want to say that from now until I break up for school I will be posting only once per week on a Sunday at 5pm, unless stated otherwise.

For now, have an amazing week! love 

amelia xx


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