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june makeup favourites

So I've been getting into makeup a bit more recently, and been enjoying trying out some new products now that I have time off, so decided instead of writing a random monthly favourites, I am going to make this one makeup themed as I have been obsessed with these products recently! I will link all the products at the bottom of the post also, if you would like to buy any! This is not a sponsored post!

The first product I have been obsessed with ever since my birthday has been the Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette. This is such a beautiful palette that can create a variety of looks because there is variation between the shades, meaning lots of different looks can be completed. All of the shadows are very pigmented, and are very long lastingI find, which is always good when you want that bomb eyeshadow! This palette is £18 and although I didn't buy this myself, I would say it is definitely worth the money!

The next product is a new one but has become one of my faves this month. It is the…

lazy day ootd

I feel like I have contradicted myself already as this doesn't look like a typical "lazy day" outfit, but the day I wore this I was hardly doing anything, so classed it as a lazy day outfit. It was also 20 degrees, which is pretty warm for Lincolnshire! 
The top is from H&M and it was about £9. I will link it below but it is a typical baseball top with different coloured sleeves to the body. It's super easy to pair with lots of shorts. It is fairly tight fitting but also has a lot of stretch which makes it easy to get on and off. It is so comfortable because of the thin material. 
I paired this with my denim shorts from New Look. I bought these shorts a couple of years ago, so I cannot link, but I will try to find some similar! These are from the teens section (14-15 years) and are high waisted but they are still too big for me as I have a tiny waist! This meant I had to wear a belt with these shorts, and I wore my Black Buckle Belt from Primark, which pretty mu…

no-makeup makeup look

Recently I have been loving the simple and minimalist makeup looks. This is quite controversial for me, because for the past 2 years I have tried to hide my natural redness that I have on my cheeks. However. I'm learning to embrace this a lot more and preferring wearing the "no makeup" make up looks. 
This look is a lot better for my skin and its so quick to do! It usually takes me around 5 minutes to complete! This simple makeup combined with my skincare routine makes my face look glowing, a look which is perfect for the summer!
I start with the PS Primer Water, which adds a lot of hydration to my face but gives a slightly sticky finish, perfect to apply makeup to. I then head in with the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in the shade 10, which is a little darker than my skin tone, giving it a tanned look once blended out but it doesn't leave me with an orange line on my neck! I then add a little bit of concealer under the eyes to cover up some dark circles and to do thi…

last day 2018

So secondary school is over! It's fair to say I showed a mix of emotions ranging from excitement and laughter to lots of tears, that came from myself, other students and even the teachers! But as I said as I left the gates for the final time, "I'll be back" because my sister will remain at the school for another 2 years! I just wanted to write this post to share some of my favourite photos, and also to just look back on the last day! 
I just want to say a massive thank you to all the people that made school such an amazing experience! I will miss you all, and I am excited to see what the future holds for all! 

 And of course my sister and my cousin X

The best teachers and my Head of House X

Kim Kardashian & 1 of 5 Brownies X

 1 of the Karp Twins & A Roman Soldier X

Kim Jong Un & Donald Trump

My Fellow Flapper Girls & The Principal

The Best Group of Friends X

It was such a good day, I am so thankful to everyone who has made the past 5 years the best 5…

life update: gcses are over!!!!!

Guess who's back...
I am SO excited to be back blogging, as I haven't posted since 29th April, which for me feels like ages ago! I'm currently sat writing this with 1 exam left, which is maths, that I will sit in the morning. This post is going to be super rambly most likely as it is just a life update, and me celebrating about no more exams!!!
I have my last day on Friday (15th June), which I am going to be doing a post on, mainly to just look back on in the future! After last day, I have Prom on the 21st, and I am helping at my schools sports day in July. Other than that I do not have much planned until the 23rd July, where I am going to be starting the NCS experience. If you haven't heard of it, NCS is a programme that allows 15-17 year olds to have an amazing summer away from home for 2 weeks, and then allows them to do something good for the environment. So posts will most likely go down to 1 per week on a Sunday at 10am, but until then, I am back to my usual upl…