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bullet journal set up- september

New year, new bullet journal. In all honesty I haven't used a bullet journal since the end of March, because I fell out of love with it a little, and I found that I wasn't using it as much as I should, and this is because of GCSEs and also the fact that my secondary school gave me a planner! 
So now that I am starting Sixth Form, I thought I would get a new bullet journal because my old one, as much as I loved it, it was really small! My new bullet journal is from Wilko and it was featured in my Back to School Stationery Haul (read here). I've decided to have a simple set up to my bullet journal now as I think it will look more clean and crisp! 

The first page of my bullet journal has this quote because this year is a new adventure, starting Sixth Form! I just thought it was a fitting way to start off my bullet journal!

The first 2 pages I just have a calendar of the month and my personal calendar which I will fill in before September begins! This will be useful to see wh…

ncs week 4 & what the experience has taught me...

One week on from NCS and it's fair to say I've missed it! The initial thought every day of thinking 'oh what are we doing with the team today' has still been in my mind for the past week and then I realise that we're finished. This post is just explaining the last week, what happened and what the experience has taught me over the past 4 weeks!

As mentioned in my Week 3 post (read here), Team 2 and I as well as Team 9 had the task of helping to renovate a local youth centre. Throughout the week we had the task of painting a fair few of the walls, the skirting boards and a massive panel! I think it went pretty well, even if it was 23 degrees and extremely hot! Both teams worked really well together and I was very happy to see the end result! I hope that the next team carried on our efforts and that the team that will be taking it over this week will finish off this project on a high!

And to top the week off, we went ice-skating which was a new experience for me, but…

year 11 advice: exams, stress and motivation!


room tour 2018

I'm back after NCS with a post I have been planning to do since I got my room re-decorated back in April but I haven't got round to it until now! I wouldn't say that my room is extremely aesthetic, but I try to make it! it is also very light which I like because it makes my room seem very fresh and airy.

As you walk into my room, there is 2 wire racks on the wall and these were from Wilko (£4 each), which I just stick important documents on (I actually don't have any right now!) and then the first bit of furniture you come across is a set of Malm drawers from Ikea. On the top of the cabinet, I have a set of 3 cacti from Ikea also, along with my Newton's cradle, a picture of me and my boyfriend at Prom in a floral frame, and a 'Dream' sign which I think is from Matalan, and I will try and link it! 

 Above the drawers there are 2 flower pictures, and we have had these for years so I don't know where they are from but I think they work so well with the r…

ncs week 3

Week 3 and we're finally back at home after 2 weeks of being away from home! This week we have been based at a local college, planning our social action projects that we will complete next week! I would have to say this week has been the most stressful with many ups and downs but as always we bonded as a team and managed to push through raising a significant amount of money at our fundraiser!


Our first meeting as a team for the week and it started on a high, learning that we could take the project we originally wanted, working on renovating a youth club alongside the team that originally had that project. I am looking forward to working with them, but I hope that we get on well as the teams have not really mixed as of yet! We began to plan our fundraiser also, before heading out into the town to play Grimopoly, Grimsby's version of Monopoly, which was a lot of fun! It was nice to talk to some members of the team I have spent less time with over the past 2 weeks, and al…

ncs week 2

As part of NCS week 2 we travelled to Hull University to undergo a week of new experiences that would help us to become a better version of ourselves, as well as living the uni life! It was a very eye-opening week, and a very funny one which has brought our team so much closer together! 
A lovely start to the week as we could have a lie in as we didn't have to be there until 11am! But as usual we met in our teams again and I remember feeling so happy to be back because I felt like I hadn't seen them in ages! We arrived at Hull Uni at about 1 o'clock before being assigned rooms, which by the way were incredible and so much nicer than the ones at Edale! We attended a knife crime talk by Steve, one of the team leaders, which was a real eye-opener, as some of the stories told were really close to home.

After this we had a session with Paul Grayson MBE and Jenny Wallwork, from The Dame Kelly Holmes Trust, which was thoroughly enjoyable because I love sports, and the act…