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a week in oufits! - collab with bethxkate

I'm finally back after 2 weeks of not posting and I just want to apologise for this because ever since starting sixth form, it really has been non-stop! I also want to apologise for the quality of this post, in particular the photos because I really have struggled to take pictures this week, as I haven't really told many people at sixth form about my blog!
Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy this post as it is in collab with one of my lovely friends Beth from BethxKate! She is doing the same post as me, as we are both in sixth form but the difference is that she doesn't have a dress code whereas I do! I will leave the links to her blog and her post below and it would be amazing if you would check out her blog, as she has amazing content, and she is very talented!
My dress code as sixth form is just classed as 'smart', so you'll see over the week that I wear the same style of clothes. Some of the clothes, particularly trousers and shoes are the same, as I don't …

bts stationery haul!

Stationery is one of my favourite things and when back to school runs around, I am so excited to buy lots of stationery. I am going into Year 12 this year so will need a lot of stationery, but having said that, this haul isn't that big as I had some stationery that I received for my birthday that I hadn't used, and some that I didn't use at the end of year 11! Never the less I am so excited to show you some of the stationery items I have for the upcoming year!

The first things I got were from Wilko, which is basically where all of this is from! I bought 2 folders, one lever arch file and one ring-binder, and these are part of the 'Sassy' collection which I am IN LOVE with! I previously had two folders which I am going to continue to use next year, as subject folders. I think the ringbinder will be for my maths work and the ringbinder will be my day folder. I just love them!

The next things I have are some essentials- I have an A4 ruled refill pad, and I only have …

wearing mom jeans for the first time...

I have wanted a pair of Mom jeans for the longest time, and when I recently saw a pair in my local Primark in the sale, I couldn't resist! I wore them for the first time in Leeds last week and I was a little nervous I won't lie but after an hour or so I started to feel a lot more comfortable! So I thought I would get some pictures whilst walking around Trinity Kitchen, and write a little post because I love them sooo much!

My Mom jeans are from Primark as I said and they were FIVE POUNDS!!! They were reduced from thirteen pounds which again is not very expensive either but a bargain like that can not go unnoticed! I have never tried Primark's jeans but from wearing them a few times in the past week, I can say they are so comfortable! I love the massive back pockets and I just love the fit, although I do have to wear a belt as I have a small waist, but I think it adds to a look most of the time! I love the frayed bottoms and I just think they look really edgy. The colour i…